SAIC Innovation Center Autonomous Driving Intern, Motion Planning in San Jose, California

SAIC Motors is the largest car manufacturer in China selling more than 6 million cars annually. SAIC USA is a fully owned subsidiary that engages in research and development for cutting edge technologies such as autonomous driving and Human Computer Interfaces. We have multiple openings at our recently set up Innovation Center in San Jose, CA in the Autonomous Driving team.

As a motion planning Intern, you will utilize your expertise in the field of robotics to solve some of the most challenging problems in automated driving. You will be creating new technologies through software development that integrate your expertise to enable autonomous vehicle navigation in complex environments safely and efficiently.


  • Expertise with one or more of the following: motion planning and control (path planning, trajectory optimization, trajectory tracking, GNC etc), Behavioral planning, Numerical optimization.

  • MS/PhD in computer science, robotics, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, or a related field, or equivalent practical experience

  • 3+ years or more of experience with C++/Python programming and algorithm design.

  • Ability to understand and implement complex algorithms efficiently and correctly


  • Understanding of techniques like A*, RRT, PRMs is highly desirable.

  • Experience solving robotics problems using linear algebra, and probabilistic techniques

  • Experience with AI applications and familiarity with Reinforcement learning

  • ROS / Linux experience